It Was Bound To Happen:

24 Oct

You’ve probably heard it by now, but a race-baiting campaign finally reached its logical endpoint today. Having lived through the Charles Stuart tragedy in Boston, and having lived through the 90s cable-news tempest of Susan Smith, this seemed inevitable.

Beyond mere knuckle-dragging racism, though, is an indicator of the broader, Bizarro worldview that’s taken hold among the right these days. As the consequences of their policies become more and more apparent, and as public support dwindles, the response has been to develop an overwrought victimhood mentality. Not only has racism completely been eliminated, but Republicans are suffering from the most odious discrimination. We need affirmative action for our own kind in colleges! They’re practically turning firehoses on us! Jonah Goldberg, the grand dean of this school of persecution, has made a career out of deathcamp fantasies, trivializing the horrors of the Holocaust to take down crypto-fascist lefties like, uh, Whole Foods.

What Ashley Todd did was sick, but she is also clearly a troubled person who represents the mindset of her campaign superiors actually brought to vivid fruition. Having given in to his lesser angels and finally conceded to the more cynical advisors among him, John McCain has been looking for his Willie Horton moment. He got it.


One Response to “It Was Bound To Happen:”

  1. CK October 24, 2008 at 10:18 pm #

    How would you like to hear Obama himself speaking about race…in 1995? A new video is available, here:

    Very scary stuff, also known as “race baiting”.

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