Please Stop #2

26 Oct

Please stop saying “only Nixon can go to China” or variants thereof to imply that progressives will be so hamstrung by opposition that it takes a conservative to implement liberal policies in a way that would be palatable to America. First of all, using free trade with China as the ultimate liberal ideal might not be the the best metaphor these days. More importantly, though, it’s the kind of self-defeating thinking1 that the DLC and other highly-concerned moderate Democratic organizations embrace with their pinched faces and mediocre electoral record.
Dig deep down into your heart and try to imagine President McCain implementing universal health care or Wall Street regulation, or government funding of an Apollo Project for green energy. Don’t see it? Maybe it’s because he’ll be too busy going to China, to ask for more money.
Oh, one last thing? It’s glib, and God hates glib.

1 Was William Blake thinking of Rahm Emanuel and the Kerry campaign when he coined the phrase “mind forg’d manacles?” Probably not, but someone should have mentioned it to them regardless.


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