Down The Tubes

27 Oct

Senator Ted “The Internet is a Series of Tubes” Stevens found guilty of corruption.

It might not be fair, but sometimes politicians get negative attention for silly reasons, and where there’s smoke, there’s later fire to be found. Joe Lieberman raised my hackles for wanting to censor rap records long before his turn to the neocon Dark Side gave us all far more substantive reasons to hate him. Sen. Stevens is in a similar situation. His infamous “series of tubes” comment initially got all the press, but once his name was on everyone’s radar, it became clear that not only was he dangerously unqualified to regulate the internet, but he was also as staggeringly corrupt as any Alaska Republican, and had no place in government whatsoever. Congratulations to future Alaska Senator Mark Begich. For Begich, it’s an early Christmas. For Stevens, it’s looking like prison time and a fate as a historical footnote among internet memes, along with that bucket-havin’ walrus.


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