The Takeover (The Break’s Over)

13 Nov

NOTE: We made it! One week without politics, and somehow we managed. We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

So, um, did we miss anything?

Joe Lieberman, predictably, covered himself in glory this week, threatening all kinds of hell if the Democrats were to strip him of his committee assignments, but, recognizing a sinking ship when he sees one, refuses to actually just join the Republican party. This blog’s hatred of Lieberman is well-documented, but even by his standards, Traitor Joe’s taken it to the next level this year, calling our President-Elect a troop-hatin’, baby-killin’ socialist. Intra-party squabbles tend to fall into the realm of inside baseball, but if the Democratic majority can’t draw the line here, then it’s not a promising start. Leaving aside the Washington insider games of who called who a mean name, he’s been on the wrong side of pretty much everything for at least a decade now. He first started showing his orneriness in the 1990s, when he tried to censor music,1 with rap in particular coming into his crosshairs. Since then, if there’s a civil liberties issue, he finds a way to be on the wrong side of it. Any time a school gets shot up, the bodies aren’t even cold before Joe’s found what videogames the shooter was into. Since 9/11, his conversion into a raving neocon loon has been a fait accompli.

As if actively campaigning against his party’s nominee for President weren’t bad enough, it’s not like he covered himself with glory in the process:

This man drags American politics into a dark place it’s never gone, but he’s offended by a rap record?2

1 And its mention in a Salon article here feels like a real time capsule, as his partner in the crusade was none other than William Bennett, the moralist with a gambling problem that shamed Charles Barkley’s.
2 Major points awarded to the Village Voice for this review of Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come, which calls Hova the Joe Lieberman of rap. If only Mobb Deep had picked up on this!


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