They Finally Fixed The Last Coldplay Album

17 Nov

Mick Boogie and Terry Urban’s Viva La Hova represents everything this blog stands for: free music on the internet, a Creative Commons-esque approach to remix culture (in other words, the willingness to face down a $10 million lawsuit like Danger Mouse), and a love of digging into interesting failures.

Failures? Sure, they might have tens of millions of records sold between, them, but Jay-Z and Coldplay both have some flops in their recent history. American Gangster‘s undone some of the damage from the outright disaster that was Kingdom Come, but calling his next album Blueprint 3 reeks of desperation (as well as trying to catch up with Lil Wayne in the franchise department). Coldplay, in addition to becoming something of a punchline (perphaps even unfairly1) is still seeing the law of diminishing returns, with each album since the one with “Clocks” on it being treated like the tepid rewrite that it is.

Thus, it’s nice to see a mashup album that doesn’t shy away from redeeming these failures. Viva La Hova works well divorced from any context (the true acid test for a successful mashup), and hearing verses from Kingdom Come and The Blueprint 2 in a fresh context gives them a chance they never stood against the overcooked production on those albums.

Not to mention Chris Martin gets to good and truly cement his title as this generation’s Phil Collins.

Download Viva La Hova

Courtesy of Viva La Hova and Get Right Music

1 And anybody who laughed at the part in 40-Year Old Virgin about knowing a guy was gay because he listened to Coldplay is just trying too hard.


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