Hasn’t America Suffered Enough?

27 Nov


Even a broken clock’s right twice a day, and occasionally, Republican politicians from Staten Island have a point. Outraged that Citigroup’s sponsoring the Mets’ new stadium while lining up for a bailout, Staten Island City Council Members Vincent Ignizio and James Oddo have proposed renaming the field “Citi/Taxpayer Field.” And while people who advocate heavily for taxpayer’s rights tend to lean towards the belligerent brand of Libertarianism (all-around asshole Grover Norquist achieved national prominence as head of the National Taxpayer’s Union), it’s a pretty appealing idea.

Taxpayer-funded stadiums are a boondoggle to begin with, and corporate bailouts are the same. For them to be wed so deliciously deserves some form of recognition. But, like most “rebellious” gestures from the right, it’s kind of empty. How about some equity in the team for these beleaguered taxpayers? How about giving every taxpayer a pair of complimentary Mets tickets.

Oh, right: the taxpayers would then be forced to watch the Mets. And haven’t they suffered enough already?


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