Garamond Goes Hard

5 Dec

The new Jay-Z video’s an eighteen-car pileup of competing interests: it’s a tie-in with Bono’s clothing line AIDS charity-no, it’s a promo for a movie about Biggie Smalls-no, it’s an attempt to sneak Santogold onto Power 106 a la M.I.A. and the “Paper Planes” remix… The most crazy explanation of all is that it’s just trying to drum up some excitement over The Blueprint 3.

Either way, Evan Roth’s created a video for Brooklyn Go Hard that’s sure to get talked about, and makes us damn glad we live in the 21st Century. Jay-Z’s reference to Annie in the song reminds us that a decade ago, his sampling a Broadway musical was considered pushing the envelope. Now we’ve got the Garamond font drawing out his video while the uncategorizable Santogold crashes the party and Kanye does whatever he’s doing these days, and no one even blinks. Living in the future’s great sometimes.

(See more at Free Art & Technology)


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