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Quote Of The Day That I Did Not Need To Hear:

15 Feb


Cosplay is the new Che t-shirt, we’re calling it now.

The horror (courtesy of io9).


Quote Of The Day:

21 Oct

Bill Nguyen, the founder of Lala.com, which has changed its business model a few times, is now attempting to take on iTunes. Apparently, he has not been greeted as a liberator by the music-stealing music-buying public:

Lala.com hasn’t delivered on its founder’s promise and even Nguyen has been humbled by the experience. “There are definite moments [where] it feels like a personal Iraq – lots of impulsive enthusiasm on my part and a ton of setbacks,” he concedes.

Iraq? Really? Does that mean Steve Jobs is his personal Muqtada Al Sadr? Now we see why entrepreneurs generally stick with sports metaphors.